Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the Works!

Updating my Mighty List the other day inspired me to get another item on the list rolling, the "make my own set of dishes" one. However, I'm so far out of practice that I need to start over and find a beginner's class somewhere.  So, I did, and I shall.  My Wednesday nights will be spent at a wheel working on my pottery skilzzz from now until Thanksgiving.  Who knows,  I may be giving everyone distorted cereal bowls and two handled coffee mugs come Christmas.  You're welcome in advance.

Mighty List (Updated)

  1. Go to Napa with Matt
  2. Take the girls to Disney
  3. Take the girls to see castles in England/Scotland
  4. Crochet a blanket
  5. Rent an RV and drive cross-country and visit National landmarks
  6. Rent a lake house in the fall for an impromptu weekend vacation
  7. Brew my own beer
  8. Take a pottery class and make my own set of dishes - Distorted mugs forthcoming!
  9. Go back to London/Edinburgh with Nicole & Alyssa
  10.  Retire in a lodge home on a lake, with a huge fireplace
  11. Plan St. Hellno's 2011!  - Checked off another one!
Now let us ooh and ah at some purty pottery....

Peace out.


Hermit said...

This is really from mom because I do not have my own logon. Good! I am so glad to you signed up for the pottery class. Bring on the 2 handled mugs. Love you.

Mary said...

The kids want some crazy shaped thing-a -ma- jigs. Glad you are getting back into your art.