Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't freak out....

No one panic, it is NOT the end of the world or anything....I just need to get down my blood sugar and cholesterol soooooo I got up at 5 AM to run on the treadmill.  And this is the THIRD.DAY.IN.A.ROW!!!  I am not a workout kind of girl.  I have never been coordinated.  In fact, my parents lovingly video taped me running in a track meet in Jr. High and I can still see that image of a duck like human fumbling around the track in my head.  The sting of that visual still keeps me from running in public, but I had no excuse not to use the perfectly good treadmill in my basement.

Who knows, this could change everything. Maybe I'll learn to sew later, since crazy stuff is happening around here anyway...

peace out

And for your viewing pleasure, Phoebe running on Friends.  I can relate.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mowing the Lawn ranks right up there with going to the dentist...

Dear Lawn,

I love sitting in the yard, playing with the kids in the lush green grass....but here's the problem.  You are a pain in the butt.  Either you are dried up and crusty and making me fork out cash to water you, or you are a full blown jungle.  Take this morning for example, I tried to mow in the morning before it got to be one-hundred gazillion degrees outside but the moisture caused the push mower to clog and turn off every five feet.  20 minutes into this annoyingness I decided to speak to the green mowing machine using some sign language.  Don't worry, I was in the backyard - no one saw me emphatically flipping off an inanimate object.  I digress, lawn, I'm considering replacing you with astro-turf.  Yes, it will be strange to have a vibrant green lawn in the middle of January, but I don't care anymore.  My sanity, sweat glands, and back will thank me.  And lawnmower, you better bring me a cold glass of iced tea later or I swear I will throw you in the back of the minivan and drop you off at the dump!



Peace out and Happy Mowing...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BLT Night! Can I get an Amen!

I don't know if it's because I had a crazy ridiculous spring or if the heat down here has just shrivled up my little brain...but shoot! I have not yet made BLT's and it's July 13th.  For the love of all that is HOLY!! BLT's are a summertime necessity and I have brought shame upon my household by not frying up some bacon and stacking it atop some mayo slathered white toast with some fresh cold L & T! So tonight...I shall. 

Now, I love me some google, and some bloggy blogs, so I can't go forth with any meal unless I search the internets for inspiration first.  Here's what we got:

Peace out and happy bacon!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Coffee and Donuts

Do you think there is anything more satisfying than coffee and donuts in the morning? Me thinks not. This got me to thinking, does every culture have some combination of hot drink and sweet yumminess they serve in the mornings? Check this out...I think we should try some of these to mix it up a bit in the mornings.

U.S. of A.
Coffee & Donuts..or if you want to be all healthy you could have oatmeal with tea, frosted flakes & juice, bagel...oh my - I think I need to eat breakfast all day today.

In Ghana they like to have a very sweet and dense bread called sugar bread and tea

In Morocco they like to have Moroccan bread, local pastries, baguettes, and croissants with olive oil alongside green tea with mint, coffee or cafe au lait, or warm milk

For the Hausa of northern Nigeria, a typical breakfast consists of kosai (cakes made from ground beans which are then fried) or funkaso (wheat flour soaked for a day then fried and served with sugar). Both of these cakes can be served with porridge and sugar known as koko. They often have English Tea or malta alongside it.

A typical breakfast would be omelette or boiled eggs, cake or biscuits, buttered toast, rice with koft'a (meat) or sabzi (vegetable). Drinks include black tea, or qaimaaq chai (green tea with milk and rose essence or cardamom seeds).

Breakfast in the country is called Nashta. The most common would typically consist of roti/chapati, aloo/shabji bhaji or aloo dam (dishes made primarily of potatoes and vegetables), chicken curry, daal (lentil curry), spicy egg omelet, and cha (tea). Sweet dishes like halwa, firni (similar to rice pudding), jarda (colourful, sweet rice-based dish), shemai (sweet vermicilli) and doi (thick yogurt) are popular during breakfast. Seasonal fruits, fresh or juiced, serve as a refreshing complement to a predominantly spicy breakfast.

In Cambodia, rice congee (babaw) is widely eaten for breakfast. Plain congee is typically eaten with salted eggs, pickled vegetables, or dried fish. Caw (a pork or fish soup dish made with caramelized sugar) is also eaten with congee or rice for breakfast.

Tea and milk are part of the daily breakfast routine, along with satu (powder of corn) or chiura (beaten rice) or some local cookies.

Sri Lanka
A typical everyday breakfast can simply consist of "brother bread" with dhal curry, sambol, butter and cheese or jam, plantain banana and tea.

I'll have to look up more later, thanks wikipedia!