Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall is coming, I can smell it through the 93 degree heat

I love fall, I love it like flies love bowls of food left unattended. I want to cover my front porch in pumpkins and sit out there with a cup of hot cider eating cinnamon donuts watching the leaves fall.  But...I live in Georgia, and sometimes it takes to darn long to get here.  September is on the horizon, which is what has my fall gears going but I have to remind myself that September is just another summer month down here.  While all my northern family and friends will are frolicking in the September fall-ness I'll be sweating in my front yard sipping cider in denial.  In the meantime, ignore my denial and check out some fall inspiration.

Decor -

Favorite Fall Food from the Food Network -

I need apple pie now.

Peace out.

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