Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BLT Night! Can I get an Amen!

I don't know if it's because I had a crazy ridiculous spring or if the heat down here has just shrivled up my little brain...but shoot! I have not yet made BLT's and it's July 13th.  For the love of all that is HOLY!! BLT's are a summertime necessity and I have brought shame upon my household by not frying up some bacon and stacking it atop some mayo slathered white toast with some fresh cold L & T! So tonight...I shall. 

Now, I love me some google, and some bloggy blogs, so I can't go forth with any meal unless I search the internets for inspiration first.  Here's what we got:

Peace out and happy bacon!


runs with boxers said...

Amen to the BLT! I forgot until this that they're so easy! and love that you're posting again (and the disney pics were beautiful!)
ps-it's marge, not some other weirdo stalking you, fyi

Hermit said...

Rns with boxers, love it!

Mary said...

Sis, you really need to make these public . People would love you are soooo funny. G and I are cracking up at your blogs.
Love ya