Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear World, I will crawl out of my cave soon

Sooooooo....I've been so busy at work that I've neglected everything that isn't needed to sustain life.  I've typed so much I've got wicked carpal tunnel, my hand is swollen and I can't even pick up a coffee cup because it hurt so bad.  This week, we had breakfast for dinner twice, ordered pizza, and had leftover pizza and on Friday night I was so drained and done...we had date night.  And what a date night it was!  We invited the neighbors and hooked our kids up with a babysitter and some KFC and went out for steaks & drinks.  The neighbor's brother is Joshua John Russell of the Food Network who makes fancy yummy killer cakes and so we came home and devoured that with the kids.  Shortly thereafter the kids passed out from their night of partying and I too fell asleep, or rather passed out because I perhaps had a bit to drink.

I promise to crawl out of my cave soon...until then I may just communicate with the outside world via blog and text messages...and maybe morse code.


Mary said...

Hey sis, thanks for bloggling. I found the whole process is quite fun and everyone is in on the action. Some of the pictures on the blog were taken by the kids. G did the last recipe I blogged about. Mr R just gets mad at the computer and wants to throw it out the window. Guess what, Dina started a blog and I think you should favor it. Looks like she is going to focus on allergies and all the products the makes for her kids. it's

I got her to make one. Next it's renee. Love you sis. R wants you to put pics of you truck stuck in the yard. Ha Ha. Do it I'll put it on my blog

Pam said...

Glad you got to unwind. Have a good week. How was Matt's bread?